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Vinny's Hot Spinach Salad Ala Vincenzo For Two

5 oz Bacon
3 oz Olive Oil
10 oz Fresh Spinach
8 oz Provolone Cheese
2 oz Picarino Romano Cheese Grated

12-14" skillet
3 quart pan to boil water for spinach
Wooden spoon to stir or to hit any one who tries to peek

Heat 3 oz of olive oil in skillet.
Cut bacon into 1 inch pieces, place in skillet.
Cook to a light brown.
Place spinach in boiling water for 1 (one) minute.
Strain and place into skillet with bacon mixture.
Mix Provolone cheese into skillet until the cheese melts.
Serve hot.
Best if served with Romano cheese on top
and fresh Italian bread for dipping into the liquid.

- Vinny Raso

Vinny Raso
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