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The Cooking and Cursing Series is
Produced and Directed by Vinnie Corbo

Vinnie Corbo: Creator, Producer, Director and Editor

Vinnie has had over two decades of experience as an independent filmmaker, producer and editor. An
accomplished musician and graphic artist to boot, Vinnie
makes appearances in the show. Watching him wrangle
his talent is incendiary and hilarious. Vinnie also happens
to be the Vice-President of the Grandsons of Italy.

Phone: PFI Media 818-376-1445


David Haydn-Jones: Story Producer, Writer
The only non- Italian in the group, David brings
over a decade of writing, directing and acting
experience to the mix. Having worked extensively
in Film, Television and Commercials he now has
an option and development deal for his original,
animated feature film with a major studio.

Vinnie Corbo
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