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About The Cooks

John Murgo:
The “Godfather” of the group at an imposing
6'2“, this larger than life character brings his passion
for cooking and powerful attitude to the show. One glance
or bellowing command from John can stop his fellow cooks
in their tracks. Respect. This Sicilian born and Manhattan raised chef has been making original and authentic
Italian and other cuisine since he started at 12 in his
Uncle's kitchen.

Vinny Raso:
The “What am I, a clown to you?” character, Vinny is truly the jester. Wearing his matching
pizza-patterned chef's hat and vest the other cooks like
to “bust his balls” over his culinary prowess. Vinny started
his career with food in 1959 when he opened a bar room
in Boston that could have been a set right out of the movie “Goodfellas”. This wise guy has been cooking ever
since and has gone “straight” with his latest job
working for Sodexho Food Services.

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